Fly plates

When it comes to fly plates and patterns in print media, I have found, as many readers have also found, that it is difficult to ascertain the exact up-close micro details of the fly (3-D) - no matter how big the print images are. Thus, by offering it online, where you can open the fly plates in the many Microsoft/Windows/Apple/Photoshop applications, click on the zoom-in magnification that we all have on our computers, you could magnify intensity/zoom-in to the tiniest micro details of all the fly patterns. Since we just listed the fly plates in their most generic form in the book for space and cost considerations, below you can get more details of them for easier tying by using technology, since the fly plates are all shot in very large format files, which allow for the ultimate macro detailed inspection.

In addition, as the website becomes a real-time aspect of Nexus, we will feature podcasts, blogs and interview features of the amazingly talented fly tiers that have contributed their art along with fly patterns I featured of my own creation.

The plates and individual flies and couplings featured throughout the book are from today’s most talented creators, who are all listed with their information and website details for obtaining their creations at the end of the book in the Acknowledgments closing section. 

Please enjoy! 

- Matthew Supinski

Click each photo below to zoom.

For detailed zoom on a Windows computer: push the Windows key and + key on your keyboard.

For detailed zoom on a mac computer: push Command key and + key on your keyboard.